DIY success! Crate coffee table for living room! Crate coffee table
DIY success! Crate coffee table for living room! Crate coffee table from


Are you looking for a unique and stylish addition to your living room? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating your very own DIY crate coffee table. Not only will this project add a touch of rustic charm to your home, but it will also be a fun and rewarding experience. So, roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

Materials Needed

1. Wooden Crates

The first step in creating your DIY crate coffee table is to gather the necessary materials. You will need wooden crates, which can be easily found at local craft stores or online. Look for crates that are sturdy and in good condition. Depending on the size of your coffee table, you may need anywhere from two to four crates.

2. Sandpaper

To ensure a smooth and polished finish, you will need sandpaper. Choose a medium grit sandpaper to remove any rough edges or imperfections on the crates. Sanding the wood will also help the paint or stain adhere better.

3. Paint or Stain

Next, you will need paint or stain to give your crate coffee table a finished look. You can choose a color that complements your existing décor or opt for a natural wood stain to enhance the rustic charm. Remember to select a paint or stain that is suitable for wood surfaces.

4. Paintbrush or Foam Roller

To apply the paint or stain, you will need a paintbrush or foam roller. A paintbrush is great for smaller areas and detailed work, while a foam roller is ideal for larger surfaces. Choose the tool that you are most comfortable working with.

5. Screws and Screwdriver

Lastly, you will need screws and a screwdriver to secure the wooden crates together. Make sure to choose screws that are long enough to go through the thickness of the crates and provide a secure hold.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Prepare the Crates

Start by cleaning the crates to remove any dust or dirt. Once they are clean, use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges or splinters. This step is essential to ensure a professional-looking finish.

Step 2: Paint or Stain the Crates

Now it’s time to add some color! Apply the paint or stain to the crates using a paintbrush or foam roller. Make sure to cover all sides and edges evenly. Allow the paint or stain to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Arrange and Secure the Crates

Once the paint or stain has dried, arrange the crates in the desired configuration for your coffee table. You can stack them vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference. Once you are happy with the arrangement, use screws and a screwdriver to secure the crates together.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Lastly, add any finishing touches to your DIY crate coffee table. You can choose to add a glass top for a more polished look or leave it as is for a rustic feel. Additionally, you can accessorize your coffee table with books, candles, or decorative items to make it truly yours.

Benefits of a DIY Crate Coffee Table

Creating your own crate coffee table offers several benefits that make it worth the effort. Firstly, it allows you to customize the design to fit your personal style and the existing décor of your home. You can choose the color, finish, and size that best suits your needs.

Secondly, a DIY crate coffee table is a budget-friendly alternative to store-bought furniture. Wooden crates are relatively inexpensive, and by putting in a little time and effort, you can create a unique piece that rivals high-end options.

Furthermore, this project is a great way to unleash your creativity and showcase your DIY skills. It can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially if you enjoy working with your hands and seeing the fruits of your labor.


In conclusion, a DIY crate coffee table is a fantastic addition to any home in 2023. It adds a touch of rustic charm, allows for customization, and is a budget-friendly alternative to store-bought furniture. By following the step-by-step instructions and gathering the necessary materials, you can create a unique and stylish piece that will be the centerpiece of your living room. So, why wait? Start your DIY crate coffee table project today and enjoy the satisfaction of creating something beautiful with your own hands!

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