15 Cheap Wall Decor Ideas for Bedroom Royal Furnish
15 Cheap Wall Decor Ideas for Bedroom Royal Furnish from blog.royalfurnish.com


Looking to refresh your bedroom in 2023? One of the easiest and most impactful ways to transform your space is by updating your bedroom wall decor. By incorporating new colors, textures, and designs, you can create a serene and stylish atmosphere that reflects your personal style. In this article, we will explore ten inspiring bedroom wall decor ideas that are sure to elevate your space to new heights. Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic or a bold statement, there’s something for everyone. Let’s dive in!

1. Nature-Inspired Murals

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with nature-inspired murals. Transform your bedroom wall into a breathtaking landscape with a mural depicting a serene forest, a tropical beach, or a starry night sky. This wall decor idea adds depth and tranquility to your space, creating a soothing environment for relaxation and sleep.

2. Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a versatile and visually stunning way to display your favorite artwork, photographs, and prints. Mix and match different frame sizes, colors, and styles to create a personalized arrangement that showcases your unique taste. From abstract paintings to family portraits, a gallery wall allows you to tell your story through visual elements.

3. Textured Accent Wall

Add depth and interest to your bedroom by incorporating a textured accent wall. Opt for materials like reclaimed wood, exposed brick, or 3D wall panels to create a focal point that exudes warmth and character. This wall decor idea adds visual intrigue and elevates the overall design of your space.

4. Geometric Patterns

Embrace the trend of geometric patterns by incorporating them into your bedroom wall decor. Whether through wallpaper, stencils, or decals, geometric patterns add a modern and stylish touch to any space. From hexagons to chevron stripes, there are endless possibilities to explore.

5. DIY Wall Art

Unleash your creativity and showcase your artistic skills by creating your own DIY wall art. Paint a colorful abstract canvas, design a unique macrame wall hanging, or repurpose old materials into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Not only does DIY wall art add a personal touch to your bedroom, but it also serves as a conversation starter.

6. Mirrors

Make your bedroom appear larger and brighter by incorporating mirrors into your wall decor. Hang a statement mirror above your bed or create a gallery of mirrors in different shapes and sizes. Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of more space, making them an excellent choice for small bedrooms.

7. Accent Lighting

Elevate the ambiance of your bedroom with accent lighting. Install wall sconces or LED strips to create a soft and warm glow that adds a touch of luxury to your space. Consider incorporating dimmer switches to adjust the lighting according to your mood and needs.

8. Wall Decals

If you’re looking for a temporary and budget-friendly option, wall decals are the way to go. These adhesive stickers come in various designs, ranging from inspirational quotes to whimsical illustrations. Wall decals are easy to apply and remove, making them an ideal choice for renters or those who like to change their decor frequently.

9. Oversized Artwork

Make a bold statement with oversized artwork that demands attention. Choose a large-scale painting, photograph, or print that complements the color scheme and style of your bedroom. This wall decor idea adds drama and personality to your space, becoming the focal point of the room.

10. Tapestry

Add a touch of bohemian charm to your bedroom with a beautiful tapestry. Hang it above your bed or drape it across an entire wall for a whimsical and cozy vibe. With a wide range of designs and patterns available, tapestries offer a versatile and affordable way to transform your bedroom.


Updating your bedroom wall decor is an exciting opportunity to breathe new life into your space. Whether you choose to embrace nature-inspired murals, create a gallery wall, or experiment with geometric patterns, there are endless possibilities to explore. Let your creativity soar and transform your bedroom into a sanctuary that reflects your unique style and personality. With these ten bedroom wall decor ideas for 2023, you’re sure to elevate your space to new heights.

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